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Units are priced on a “Per-Unit Piece”. It is recommended that they are purchased in pairs and when possible, in sets of three. Pricing will reflect multiple-unit purchasing and is demonstrated at checkout. As quantities increase, pricing will fluctuate accordingly. All pricing is in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

ALSO NOTE: Shipping is not included in the price. Prior to purchase please provide mailing address and shipping details will be provided. The reason for this is quite simple. I negotiate with shippers to get you the best rate possible.

Please contact Ron Johnson 604.317.7135 if you have any further questions regarding multiple orders.

Pro-Screen Warrantee

Full Warranty or Lifetime Warranty:

  • Steel Frame and assembly have a lifetime warrantee that covers all welds.

Limited Warranty:

  • Pro-Screen leg pad covers have a 2-year warrantee on impact damage only.


  • Use on concrete or alternate training surfaces will dull Foot Plate Security Pins. This is done at the users discretion and replacement pins will NOT be warrantied. Replacement pins can be purchased alternatively online.
  • The Pro-Screen Unit is NOT designed for outdoor use where it is to be left exposed in the elements. The leg pads use a high-density foam that is NOT water proof and if left outside uncovered, will absorb water and damage the unit. A pullover cover is available for purchase that will protect the unit from the elements.


As in any training aid usage, there are risks involved. Please read all documentation associated with the unit provided on delivery. Videos on setup and usage will be posted on this site for your reference. Videos that explain basic safety and operational use of equipment will be provided free of charge after purchase. When purchasing a Pro-Screen, you are acknowledging that you are aware of said risks.

  • Pro-Screens are designed much like goaltendening pads and as such provide a certain yet minimal “rebounding” effect so that players can practice “banking” pucks off the pads into the net. When performing drills that have players shooting high, be cautious of pucks rebounding off units and hitting unprotected parts of the body.
  • The units have mass. This is to ensure that high impact shots do not dislodge them positionally as well as provide certain stability. As a result, they must be handled with care and set up properly so that they are vertically stable when hit.
  • Included as part of the on ice securing process are pointed pins that are screwed into the foot-plate assembly. These can be removed by unscrewing them if one desires to use them off ice. While not necessary to do so it is an option. Use care when handling.
  • At the top of the unit is a “hinging lock process” that is used to limit the amount of extension that each unit is allow. It is important to keep fingers away from these locking plates when opening.

Mini Pro-Screen

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